Being A Ham Radio Elmber

Other than WA0TDA via pre-recorded audio lectures, I had no one to help me become a licensed ham radio operator, and after I became licensed, I had no one to help me set up a radio and its antenna system. I tried to ask around to find someone who was a ham, but didn’t find anyone. Oh, how I longed for an elmer.

The worrisome task of entering the ham radio world largely without guidance was daunting for me, so I vowed to help anyone who wanted to get into ham radio, as my time would permit.

That opportunity came recently when my nephew began inquiring about amateur radio. I had him come to my home, and I let him observe me participate in nets and conversations on my radio. It didn’t take long until he started to study for the technician exam. I knew he wouldn’t have too difficult of a time passing the actual exam, since he is a bright and intelligent young man.

For two weeks, he came over to my home nearly every night, studying, taking practice exams, and listening to ham radio rag chewing.

Last Saturday, the big day finally came. I attended an all day class with him, which ended with an official technician exam. The all day class was largely a huge review for him, since he was averaging 28-30 correct answers on the practice exams.

All of his hard work paid off. He easily passed the official exam and we are now anxiously awaiting his callsign to appear in the FCC database.

My elmering hasn’t ended though. I am still going to work with my nephew, getting rigs set up, teaching the art of rag chewing, and more.


About Kyle (W7KBX)

I became a licensed ham in May of 2013 with a class of General. I have since upgraded to Extra. If you are really bored and want to learn more about me, please click here
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