Callsign Snarfing

It’s an FCC rule to ID yourself every ten minutes and at the end of a contact. Most hams are diligent in following this rule, but some do it in such a fast and unintelligible way, they sound like a demented person from the 7th circle of hell trying to cough up zombie brains.

Some, such as curmudgeons, say it quick, get it out of the way, so they can avoid a rules violation. Well, if no one can understand what your saying, no one will no who you are, and that is counter to the point of the 10 minute rule. You ID yourself so people know who it is who is transmitting.

Yep, people who listen regularly and know your voice and callsign will know who you are, but what about new hams, those who have a hard time distinguishing voices, or what if your voice is similar to another ham’s voice in the area?

ID’ing yourself is meant to benefit everyone. Don’t rush it. Don’t treat it as something to do and to get out of the way. Let all who are listening know what your callsign is. It’s unique, and is only yours.

Let yourself be heard, let yourself be known. This can’t be done while snarfing your callsign.

About Kyle (W7KBX)

I became a licensed ham in May of 2013 with a class of General. I have since upgraded to Extra. If you are really bored and want to learn more about me, please click here
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